40k – Ultramarine Army List – Playing the army you like

January 15, 2016 ftnadmin 1 comment

ironclad dread 1I get army list questions all the time and each one is an excuse to look at units that I may personally skip over while building my own lists.

I like it when people explain to me what units they ‘like’ the most and want to include in their list.  They don’t care about efficiency, they just care about putting cool models on the table.

That is where lists like this come from:


++ Space Marines: Codex (2015) (Combined Arms Detachment) ++

+ HQ +


  • ···Chapter Master
  • ·······Artificer Armour [The Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer]

+ Elites +

Ironclad Dreadnoughts

  • ···Ironclad Dreadnought
  • ·······Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]
  • ·······Power Fist [Heavy Flamer]
  • ·······Seismic Hammer [Meltagun]

Terminator Assault Squad [8x Any model may replace its two Lightning Claws for a Thunderhammer and Storm Shield, 8x Terminator] ····Terminator Sergeant [Thunderhammer and Storm Shield]

+ Troops +

Scout Squad [4x Close Combat Weapon, 4x Scouts] ····Land Speeder Storm [Heavy Flamer] ····Scout Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon]

Scout Squad [4x Close Combat Weapon, 4x Scouts] ····Land Speeder Storm [Heavy Flamer] ····Scout Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon]

speeder storm

+ Fast Attack +

Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]

+ Heavy Support +

Centurion Devastator Squad

  • ···Centurion [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp, Hurricane Bolter] ····Centurion [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp, Hurricane Bolter] ····Centurion Sergeant [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp, Hurricane Bolter]

++ Space Marines: Codex (2015) (Formation Detachment) ++

+ Formation +

‘Storm Wing

  • ···Stormraven Gunship [Twin-linked Assault Cannon, Twin-linked Multi-melta] ····Stormtalon Gunship [Skyhammer Missle Launcher] ····Stormtalon Gunship [Skyhammer Missle Launcher]

++ Officio Assassinorum: Dataslate (2014) (Inq Officio Assassinorum

++ Detachment) ++

+ Elites +

Culexus Assassin

culexus 1

This list has an Ironclad in it!   The Ironclad can either ride on the back of the Storm Raven or plop down to back up the Centurions in their pod.

The pilot of this list didn’t want to include any other chapters in their list and happens to have a cool model of a walking chapter master with a thunder hammer and storm shield.   All good with me…

This list is clearly not ‘under powered’ due to the Centurions and unit of Terminators.  It can win games while being fun to play.  The assassin can ride in the pod or the storm raven (really extending its aura of feelbad) so while I am framing this as a non efficient list it can still compete in tournaments.

What are some models you like to include in your lists no matter what?