‘Ow do youz do datt? – D Weapons

April 28, 2016 Captain Morgan 4 comments


Dis hat getz da braenz wurkin...
Dis hat getz da braenz wurkin…

Tournament season is in full swing as we get ready for a hot summer of gaming, which means that it’s time to prepare yourselve for the inevitable rules quandaries that come up as part of living in the Dark Millenium. ¬†With that in mind, put on your ‘finkin caps and get ready for a lesson in 40k rules.



Like it or not, D Weapons are here in 40k to stay, and depending on the format you can expect some really painful or EXTREMELY painful things to happen when that lucky 6 happens. The biggest question and rules issue that comes up with D Weapons has to do with wound allocation. I see this come up in every event I participate in or have run since 7th edition dropped. Basically this is how it is done:

1. Roll to hit (shooting/melee) and count how many are successful.


2. Roll on the Destroyer Weapon Attack Table (P 163 of the Basic Rule Book), which specifies that the effect of each die applies to a SINGLE model.


3. Apply applicable result to affected models per rules for allocation.




“Multiple Wounds/Hull Points inflicted by a Destroyer hit do not carry over to other models in the unit (any excess are lost).” (BRB, 163)



…uh, wut?



An Imerial Knight rolls to hit against a unit of 5 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminators, getting 2 hits. He rolls 2 dice on the Destroyer table, getting a 3 and a 6.


The closest model in the Terminator unit (chosen by the owning player if several are the same distance) rolls a single 3+ invulnerable save against the die roll of 3, passing his save and negating the hit (it only inflicts D3 wounds to him if he FAILS the 1 save, he doesn’t roll saves against D3 wounds).


The Terminator cannot make any saves against the D roll of a 6, and is removed from play as a casualty, and you move on to the next initiative step.


NOTE: While the roll of a 6 does inflict D6+6 unsaveable wounds, they only effect the 1 model that was hit and do not carry over into the other models in the unit.






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