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rdf logoAs some of you know I am a huge Robotech fan.  I backed the kickstarter for the Robotech Tactics game, I’ve had conversations with the producers on the podcast (they are amazing people) and I own massive amount of Robotech and Macross items.  Basically..  I love it.   Based on that love I’ve started to put some virtual pen to paper on a game system I may enjoy playing using the Robotech models that are currently available.

What I do not like is the current rules set and the forced squad sizes and basically the fact that you have to build tons of time consuming models (that don’t go together all that well) to even TRY to play the game.  Hell, this might not be better than what we have now but the idea is to let YOU build and play with the mecha you want.

Below is a super rough draft that I just want to float out there for now to maybe elicit some feedback.  There are no point values or anything listed but the core concept is flushed out.    Assume that you’re going to get to purchase, with points, the mecha you want and then assign (also with points) a pilot to that mecha.  Then you’ll battle over some objectives on a 4×4 play surface.  More to come and I’ll treat this like a bit of a hobby project while I kill time between conference calls. Ha!




Models have Hull Values and Action Points.  Some have more than others.   There will be models that are better at certain aspects of combat.


Hull Values represents the damage a model can take before it is destroyed.


Action Points represent the total number of actions a model can take or bank during a full turn of play.


Some Weapons have a Payload and once it is expended it may not be used again.


Free Actions:


1 Action Point Actions:




Focus Fire

2 Action Point Actions:

Intercept Missiles

Brace for Impact


The game uses d6s.

robotech destriod


Action Points: 2

Hull Value:  10

Armor: 12



Mauser Beam Cannons

Str: 9


Mini Missiles

Str: 6

Payload 6


Anti-air Missiles

Str 7

Payload 6


Small Arms

Str 5



Action Points: 2

Hull Value:  8

Armor 12



Long Range Missiles

Str: 9

Payload 11


Small Arms

Str 5

robo defender


Action Points: 2

Hull Value: 8

Armor: 12



Tracer Autocannons

Str 7



Action Points: 2

Hull Value: 10

Armor: 13


Mini Missiles

Str: 6

Payload 12


Str: 6

Small Arms

Str 5


Beam Cannon 36 inches

Mini Missiles 12 inches

Anti-Air Missiles 18 inches

Small Arms 6 inches

Long Range Missiles 42 inches

Autocannons 36 inches

Fists Melee – two attacks per Action Point

Accuracy is the number on a d6 you need to roll to hit your target.  For firing a salvo you need to hit for each payload expended.

Melee indicates you need to be in base combat with your opponent and the roll you need to strike your opponent.

RDF Pilots:


Accuracy 5

Melee 4


Accuracy 4

Melee 3


Accuracy 3

Melee 3


Salvos can be fired for one action point and expend up to 3 payload capacity.  Salvos are more difficult to dodge.  This Spray and Pray method makes it more difficult to hit your target.  Accuracy number increases by 1 for each payload expended to a maximum of 6. A single d6 is rolled to determine the hit. Any weapon with a payload may use Salvo.


Dodging can be done by expending an action point.   On a roll of a 5+ you are able to dodge the effect of one attack.  For each Salvo payload fired the difficulty increases by 1 to a maximum of 6.

Brace for Impact:

Brace for Impact uses 2 action points.  Until the end of the turn your Armor Value is increased by 2.   You cannot move doing your next turn.

Intercept Missiles:

It is possible to use your Small Arms weapons to intercept oncoming missiles.  This takes 2 Action Points. Some Pilots can use other weapons.

To do this roll against your accuracy -1, then against an Armor Value of 7 for the missiles.   If successful one payload capacity is avoided.   If the first payload is avoided then roll a 5+ for each additional payload capacity.  For each 5+ rolled one payload capacity is avoided as the missiles destroy themselves in a chain reaction.

Focus Fire:

Decrease Accuracy roll by 1

How to do damage:

After a hit is determined roll a d6 and add it to the Str of the attack.   For each point above the Armor Value of the target, the target suffers a Hull Value damage.  Use a die of the appropriate number to record the damage the model has taken and place it on the base of the figure.

Zentradi models:

Officer Battle Pod

Recon Pod

Recovery Pod

Artillery Pod




RDF models:





Valkyrie VF-1J