FTN Episode 156 – Deathwatch, Attack of the Flying Turtles!

August 16, 2016 ftnadmin No comments exist

FTN small squareEpisode 156 is better late than never!!   Thanks for the patience guys.  We are back to normal now. Very sorry for the delay.

Hey guys,

This is coming out a little late, we recorded this when the Deathwatch stuff was still a bit of rumor and conjecture.  Please forgive us for anything we get wrong.  The Finishing Moves hobby segment is in the last 15 minutes.

We talk about a few of the things we find exciting about the new book and a few combos, like dropping frag cannons on people.   The book suffers from being an elite army in  world full of spammy efficient units.

Is that bad?  Not really.  These guys are, in my mind, meant to be an ally force and they fit right in with all of the other inquisition style armies out there.

The new transport’s ability to carry bikes is kind of exciting.  You can pair this with the ability to hide a terminator in the mix and a jump pack guy in the mix and before you know it you’ve got a unit that can start the game in a ready for take off Storm Turtle (which is a steal dollar wise, btw) and re-rolly your charge roll after you move 12 and get out 6.

Of course everyone in the world can see this coming.  It is like the Overhand Right from way downtown but whatever..  These models look cool.

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Thank you and Enjoy!

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