FTN Episode 161 – The Angel’s Blade is Sharp!

FTN small squareOur Red Grail runneth over in this episode.  You better believe we are all about the Blood Angels and the new Angel’s Blade expansion book.

Hey Guys,

I go ahead and get my apologies out of the way in the first few seconds of the show.  Not only is this episode almost completely about Blood Angels but its very possible we didn’t have 100% reliable information during the recording of the show.

I feel like we got most of it dialed in and pinpoint the things that we think are the most powerful with the book.  There is some pretty good value here.   The formations give people some pretty exciting new ways to units they love.

The Golden Host is the top of the heap here.  You get to assault out of deepstrike with some of the hardest jump troops in the game plus the Lord Commander of the Blood Angels himself, Dante!  This guy hits like a truck.  He’s been a favorite of mine for years and adding this new utility to him is amazing.

Dreadnoughts get some love here too along with Blood Angel Terminators.  This is why I say that everyone’s favorite units may be hitting the table soon.

I am not sure where to even start with the Death Company.  The D-co got a neat decurion style formation and some pretty powerful relics.  The Death Company Chaplain is now an even bigger force multiplier and you get to hear why near the end of the show.  Thanks for listening!

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Thank you and Enjoy!

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FTN mostly focuses on 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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Paul Murphy – Host

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Adam Abramowicz – Beyond the Brush Studios
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  • Stephan

    Hey guys, great podcast as always. In response to your request for feedback from those of us disappointed with Traitor’s Hate, my perspective is that it feels like more of the same. We’ve already got a codex focused on Chaos Undivided warbands (main CSM codex), two supplements focused on Chaos Undivided warbands (Black Legion & Crimson Slaughter), and a codex focused on Khorne (Khorne Daemonkin). So, what does GW give us? A $50 book with more stuff for Chaos Undivided warbands and Khorne. Now, I own Traitor’s Hate, because I’m a crack whore, but besides the psychic powers, there’s little to interest me as a non-Khorne/Berserker player. Beyond the Khorne focused Formations, the only nod to the Legions is a “Veterans of the Legions” Aux Formation that has NO rules associated with it. I can understand if this is the first of four books, each one focused on a different chaos God and their Legion, but starting with Khorne just feels like more bait-and-switch for those of use who play one of the other, long neglected legions. Especially after no Tzeench, Nurgle, or Slaanesh Daemonkin books ever materialized.

    After finishing Episode 161, it struck me that something was different between this review and the Traitor’s Hate review in 160, that I think illustrates some of the CSM player disappointment. Go back and listen to these podcasts back to back. It may be that the FTN team just has more BA players than CSM players, but in your review of the BA supplement, there was a lot of enthusiasm that extended beyond the tabletop to the hobby itself. There was talk of hobby/painting projects your guys were excited to start, there was discussion about the primary special characters (Dante, etc), and there was talk of breaking out old armies that perhaps haven’t seen the table in several editions. Compare that to the Traitor’s Hate review. No discussion of hobby/modeling excitement. No talk of the characters. The TH review was almost entirely mechanical and ended with a comment of, “we didn’t get base unit changes…..but this is a fine example of how to push some of those sub-par units with cool Formation rules that aren’t too crazy”. If this was your army, and you’d been waiting years for something to get you back on the table, would that statement make you excited to go buy TH?