FTN Episode 163 – Are the Cults Better than Eldar?!

September 29, 2016 ftnadmin No comments exist

FTN small squareThe Genestealer Cults have infiltrated our podcast and we think they are going to have a BIG impact on the tournament scene.

Hey Guys,

Just like you, we were anxious to see what GW had in store for us with a completely new army.

I was a little apprehensive at first thinking it was just going to be a hodge podge of units mashed into a new codex but it isn’t!  The Genestealer Cults offers some brand new ways to play with their Return to the Shadows and Cult Ambush rules.

We get right into the thick of it and explain why we think these two rules, combined with a very effective and durable Troop unit, will make an immediate impact on the meta.

For not a lot of points you can have units that bounce on and off of the table – insulating them from taking a ton of casualties, and 17% of the time they can come back on the table and assault.

The assault is quality…  A full squad of guys in this Acolyte unit can swing in with 80 RENDING attacks.  This is something armies like Tau and Eldar do not want to see.  Are these guys finally going to be the balance the game has been waiting for?

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Thank you and Enjoy!

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