FTN Episode 256 – Is 40k Better Off After the Big FAQ2?

October 5, 2018 ftnadmin No comments exist

FTN small squareThe dust is settling and people are getting ready for 40k tournaments all over the world..  Has the FAQ changed your list?  Maybe not because most things are still viable but the width of viable lists is MUCH greater than it was 2 weeks ago.

Hey guys,

Whew.  The internet has been on fire talking about the changes to fly in the assault phase.  It’s elicited some pretty strong reactions and has overshadowed just how much the FAQ has improved the play experience for ‘most’ players.

I say most because, outside of tournament games, you don’t see carbon copies of the same lists on tables.  People are happier to play with the armies they want to instead of the armies they ‘have’ to in order to win games.  It’s been a hallmark of this edition that people can play what they want.. it’s now more true than ever.

Armies will be on a more even footing – still getting to use the most punishing of Stratagems and a way to refuel their command points – just not as often.  That very fact makes other armies seem more viable.  The game will progress through more turns, there will be fewer turn 1-2 army wipes and players will have longer to develop their strategies.  I dig it.

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