Having Fun With Models You Love

Harlequin_Shadowseer2Hey Guys! TroopSmash here with my very first ever article. Go easy on me!

Ok, so we are guilty of overlooking certain units and load-outs that may be fun because, they just don’t hold up in most of the events that we attend.

We do all have our favorite unit with certain tech that sits on our shelves wishing we could get more out of them. The time is now! I am making an early New Years’ resolution and will add at minimum of two units and/or characters that I just like in every list. I want to express myself and my love for the armies that I am playing to my opponent by showing them, hey, these guys rock too.

Now, I am a big fan of all models and modeling and have always loved creating small figurines. In fact, I have recently started looking at the vintage balsa wood aircraft kits to expand my knowledge of modeling as well as help my model collection grow. As a child, I was fascinated by airplanes and helicopters, well I guess any aircraft because I was mesmerized by the idea that they could fly! What child wouldn’t be amazed by a flying object! Well anyway, that’s my reasoning for looking into model aircraft but today, however, I want to share my love of Harlequin models. Specifically, the Hero’s Path formation. Three iconic units with that assassin feel to them having to work separately and not being able to join units.

For a 350ish(gear choices dependent) point investment I get three awesome looking kits, some pretty fun rules, and have plenty of room left over for other toys to flesh out the list. Admittedly, they are not the best units on the table by a long shot, and ultimately assassins might prove better choices all around but I am a man of my word. Without further adieu here is the Hero’s Path I chose.

Hero’s Path gives Infiltrate, Stealth, and Shrouded. It also has the draw back of these characters not being able to join other units, hence my assassin references.


Death Jester- Laughing God’s Eye relic. Now this is optional depending on who you use for the rest of your army, if it is Eldar or Dark Eldar it may prove useful to give 12″ of adimantium will bubble. Strictly optional and I do not forsee myself actually using this much cause I do not play either of those factions at the moment.

Shadowseer- Level 2 Upgrade, Starmist Raiment relic. Level 2 cause well duh I want more dice lol. The relic is an intristing choice i see for two reasons, first being the modeling aspect. I will get to do something different and unique to the armor of the model to set it above its peers. And second seeing as well I like to live and he is not a gun toting champion of anything respectable if I run in the shooting phase he gains a 3++.

Solitaire- Cegorach’s Rose relic, Haywire Grenades. Fisrt off haywire grenades are awesome and seeing how this is the only model i see being in combat against any and everything he can kill well the option is nice but purely optional. The other choice was a little more fun to me, the relic at first glance is nothing too great until you really digest it as a whole. This guy rocks 6 attacks standard plus 1 for pistol and melee weapon and plus one for the charge. Whoa thats beast most when you factor in the mastercrafted, shred, and the coupe de grace kiss of death. That rule gives you a s6ap2 attack in there which on a 6 gives instant death. So with shred that can be clutch, but he is going to mow down objective campers like scouts or other MSU type units. And the blitz rule is bt far the coolest thing ever, it gets a mathy calculation to once per game move a little more but it boosts his attacks to 10 in the following assault phase.

Ok so admittedly the Solitaire is my favorite choice of all three but the others do look awesome and fill a cool role as well. These guys are not glass hammers but they add flavor and variety. My next article will have these dudes in a list.

I just like these guys and its a shame that they have awesome models but are doomed to just collect dust on the shelf if we play in competitive environments. While that is what we’re about I want to help bring more attention to the ‘love’ side of the game. With that in mind I think we can make some of these second and third tier choices work. Maybe we’ll see more Making Hobby Count, Total Hobby events in the future like Warzone: Atlanta.

Our man Duncan Rhodes also just released a cool tutorial on how to paint the diamond pattern on these guys.

Thanks for taking the time to read along on my thoughts and I will be pumping out more articles for everyone to enjoy soon.

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