FTN Episode 287 – Evolve or Die! All the Top Players are Doing It

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The title is a little tongue in cheek but the sentiment is real.  Last year and early this year we saw some lists emerge as the clear tournament juggernauts.   Now the field is wide open and we’ve seen a good amount of variance on the table.  We’re no where close to stagnation but the tides are continuing to turn.

Hey all

In the first part of the show we basically tee up the second part..  Superstar Jim Vesal joins us again to talk about his continued tournament success and falling just short of a couple of final tables.  Honestly… that happens more than we care to think but it’s given us an opportunity to speak about retrospection in his games and how to look at situations that may have truly been avoidable through a different line of play.

Jim is wonderful to speak with and we really appreciate him coming on.  It will be fun to track his lists and progress through this tournament season.  He’s coming south of the border and will be playing at the ATC.  It will be nice to run into him and lock horns if we’re able.

Chris and Josh jump back in for the last part of the show.  We talk a little bit about getting our hands on the Contrast Paint line.  Some people are doing some amazing stuff out there.

We talk a little bit about the evolution of Paul’s guard army.. so much new stuff to paint, ha.  I think I’ve settled on a list and I’ll post it soon if anyone is interested.

We center this around our journeys with Orks and Astra Militarum but this sort of thing applies to all lists.

The Wrong Way Kids will be putting on their first official public event later this year the Armageddon Series: Coastal Assault. Tickets are up for sale right now. Please join us. You will have a good time. It will be a full ITC format event and an excellent opportunity to get ITC overall and faction points.

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The hobby segment is about cleaning your resin.. It may not feel like you need to but you almost always do. You can save yourself a lot of time and heartache if do this extra step on the front end.

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