FTN Episode 317 – Ritual of the Damned Preview – Hot!

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Adam, Ricky and Paul walk through the Ritual of the Damned supplement going up for pre-order this week.  Man-o-man, this is exactly the book that some players have been waiting for.  This book brings new rules to the Dark Angels, Grey Knights and the Thousand Sons.  Let’s dive in!

Hi all,

Another spectacular release from Games Workshop.  This one breaths some much needed life into some flailing factions.  If you’re a longtime Dark Angel player you are going to be exceptionally pleased.  This book allows you to field some of the iconic namesake units of the DA with super buffs to the Ravenwing and Deathwing.  The army will play very much like you may expect them to giving extra mobility or durability while still being ‘fun’ to move your figures around the table.

The Grey Knights got a ton of help.  An extra layer of special rules have been added for them in the forms of Tides of the Warp.  This is something the GK can manipulate in the psychic phase that gives them situational buffs.  The high point cost of the GK mean you need all the help you can get with how killy the game is right now.

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Last but not least are the Thousand Sons.  The 1kSons get 9 new army list options to choose from that each come with a Psychic Power, a Warlord Trait and a Relic.  There are some spicy ones in there that we talk about during the show.  There are several abilities that allow the shooty marines to ‘appear out of nowhere’ and deliver punishing fire.

It may not be enough to attract a lot of new players to the faction but you’re definitely going to be pleased with the collection you’ve acquired so far.  Fans of the 1kSons will be pleased.  It goes without saying that these books are a must have for players of these factions.

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