FTN Episode 347 – Will You Survive When Double FAQs Attack?

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We address the FAQ and re-FAQ we saw this week from Warhammer 40k.  Adam, Red and Paul make some bold predictions about how we think the game’s action moments will shift in 9th.  Ricky is on the show too.. kinda.   In the middle of the episode we check in with Stephen Box from Vanguard Tactics.

Hey all,

A lot can happen in a week for Warhammer fans.  We saw an FAQ and then another FAQ about the same rules we just got rules for.  I think we expect things to evolve but this had us doing a double take.  Literally, we we did this episode 2-3 times

In the middle of the show we’re joined by Stephen Box.  Please check him out if you aren’t familiar with his work already.  We focus the conversation on how to tackle secondaries in 9th edition.

We come back after the break in the future!  I say that because we recorded the first part of the show much earlier in the week and due to some difficulties outside of our control we had to come back to it.  Hopefully it’s seamless on your side and we really appreciate you sticking with us.

We’re looking to take deeper dives in the Xenos factions.  Hit us up if you have a few suggestions on stuff you’d like us to cover.

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Red Powell
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