FTN Episode 355 – How Many Squig Types Can You Name? They’re All Cuties

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We do a little better job with our Orktober coverage this week and kick off the show with a few facts about Squigs.  These are from the early days of 40k.  We continue on to talk about Necrons.  Also.. bonus question before the show begins.  Can you guess Ghaz’s original Wargear?

Hey folks,

Sometimes we don’t do the best job remembering that we are lore junkies too.  We get deep into the ancient text this week and go all the way back to Ere We Go!  Orktober is in full effect this month.

I found a cool video where a youtuber created an Ork fort out of old boxes and his scrap bits.  I’ll stick the link in the bottom of this post.  It’s pretty rad and I like how his style made it seem attainable and photo ready all at the same time.

We talk a little Silent King in this episode too.  This amazing model has some fabulous lore behind and while we do chat just a tad bit about the rules we focus more on how he plugs into the overall Necron story.

Adam suggests that every character in 40k who can’t be alive right now be killed off in the stories.   Okay, he doesn’t do that but we do sort of make fun of him and twist his words to suggest so.  What do you think about that?  Do you prefer the characters live on or have an unknown conclusion so you can play it out in games or does you mind need that concrete conclusion?

I played my first game this weekend with the new Blood Angel FAQ supplement where we lose a ton of stuff.  Man.. It’s different.  We’ll catch up with that on the next episode.

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We progressed on our super secret hobby segment project.  Keep checking back here!

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Here is the Ork terrain piece video we mention.  Check it out!


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