FTN Episode 358 – What Forge World Units are Coming Back o the Table?

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We kick this episode off talking about a few of the Forge World units you’ll see making their way back to the tabletop.  Some old favorites and maybe some old ones we hope to see. In the second half of the show we talk about how Ork and Necron lore overlap.  You just might learn something!

Hey all,

I personally own a Fire Raptor Gun Ship and  used it towards the early days of 8th.  It then fell off the radar as the edition progressed and it got a huge point spike from the first big FAQ we saw.  Now.. It just might be back.

Heavy Bolters are no joke and this bad boy can pump out a deluge of Damage 2 fire.  It a huge target and people will want to shoot at it just because it looks so cool.  Is it worth putting in your list knowing that AND having to spend a Command Point to included in your list?  I guess that’s the question.

The Marines likely have enough threats to where you could cause some target confusion for your opponent or you just invest more Command Points in this thing to keep it alive.  I do think it’s worth it and look forward to getting it on the table a few more times. We also talk about Hornets at the top of the show. Man oh man, I hope to pick off many a Space Marine with these.

After the break we talk about the Orks and their relationship to the Brain Boyz.  We throw in an honorable mention to the Krorks as well.  This is a bit of lore I was weak on and it was cool to do a little internet research.

Are Orks your favorite Mushroom?

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