FTN Episode 383 – Can You Stop The Drukhari Menace?

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Who can’t love a 75% win percentage?  Honestly, the Drukhari are benefiting from being the new codex on the block and do have some great rules.  A handful of folks are calling for change but what is really the answer? As always it is a mix of things and we talk about it.

Hey all,

Last weekend the Dark Eldar codex did really well in the few events that did happen around the world.  This isn’t surprising for lots of reasons.  Some long time tournament sharks switched to the new codex, the codex is new, and not a lot of players have experience against them.

These are just contributing factors though.  The codex is strong and the FAQ didn’t do a lot to dull that shine.  Should we have expected it to?  I don’t think so.  The game is an ecosystem.  Things are going to appear strong until we as nature, or the environment, figure out a way to deal with it.

Much how Scatter Lasers once ruled the day and then Damage 2 weapons had to be added to answer new marines and then quickly fell back out of favor due to Death Guard, we’re in another pickle.  What do we do now?!

Ahhhhh!  Honestly that’s part of the fun and just something you have to deal with if you want to play ‘competitively.’

Throw Dice, Have Fun.  Later in the show we talk about making 500 point events a thing.  Is it possible?  Some of us think so.

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The hobby segment this week is about the application of magnets and what not to try at home.

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