FTN Episode 315 – 2020 Off Like a Rocket – Road to the LVO

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Kicking off 2020 with Ricky breaking his silence and Val from 40k Stats Centre.  We ramble on a bit and then give our predictions on what will win the LVO.  Spoiler Alert: it’s probably going to be Marines.  Are we wrong?  Are Eldar and Tau real contenders?

Hi all,

Our buddy Val Heffelfinger joins us this week and serves Paul an indecent proposal – one that he can’t refuse…  We start our Road to the LVO coverage with a few predictions both safe and speculative.

Last week it was fun to think about models from the last decade but now we turn our attention to the future and speculate about what we’ll see from GW over the next few weeks.

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We have high hopes for the remaining Psychic Awakening books.  Why shouldn’t we?  The one’s we’ve seen so far have been real winners.    It will be fun to see what happens with the Grey Knights and Thousand Sons particularly.  The Dark Angels have always been sort of on the fringe.  Ricky is cautiously hopeful about what a book may hold for them but pines away for the Death Wing and the ever shrinking presence of the Terminator.

We think Marines will dominate the top 8 of the largest tournament in the world.  What do you think?

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The Finishing Moves segment will be back next week with fresh hobby tutorials for 2020.  Don’t miss it!

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