40k Wishlisting – The Avatar of War

January 6, 2016 ftnadmin 5 comments

eldar avatar 1The lowly Avatar of War…

Back in the 90s when I started playing I never thought I would say those words.   I had such a good time playing this guy. I even played up during the age of the cheese Falcon to much success. He’s a great model with a great backstory and ‘should’ be an imposing figure on the table top.

I already hear you. Its difficult to get sympathy for the only entry in the Eldar book that isn’t worth taking but PLEASE STICK WITH ME!

How could we make him better?

For starters I believe he should only have an invulnerable save. This would protect him from Grav and basically mean he never needs to waste time in cover. He can just be out there slinging his sword around like there is no tomorrow.

He’s molten and essentially walking lava and he is encased in armor plates, but that sounds like magic to me. Might as well reflect that in a better invulnerable save and not make him so mundane relying on any sort of armor.

His high toughness should also help protect him from anything the armor would stop anyway.

eldar avatar 2

The Molten Lava Body

The Avatar has always been immune to Flamer and Melta weapons and now he’s immune to Pyromancy and Soul Blaze. That’s not bad. Flamers are making a comeback and everyone loves melta but why stop there? I have always felt he should be immune to Las Cannons as well. Basically, anything that’s hot needs to not work on this guy.

The fact that he is a walking volcano should also make him immune to the Poison rule. Ya know.. just for balance. Other creatures of this type also have some sort of ability to mitigate the Poison effect.

Monstrous Creature Status

I don’t think we need to go all the way and make him an Gargantuan Creature but I think he would benefit a great deal from being immune to Stomp. I get it that GW thinks that things like Stomp help speed the game up and provide some sort of random balance element but…. No reason we can’t make certain epic figures on the table immune to this rule (much like how GC’s can’t stop each other.)

He needs Eternal Warrior. That’s it.   I understand he can still be removed by D weapons and the like but just getting random force’d down is a big let down.

He’s a Daemon

Blah.. This is a hold over from a previous and less sophisticated time. This needs to mean something to the Eldar Codex as a whole or be replaced with something else.

eldar avatar 3

I’m actually not whining here, I am only wishlisting. I LOVE this model. The Eldar are the last race in the galaxy that need any help but I miss the old flavor of the Craftwords and playing with the Court of the Young King or just getting full on choppy with the Bloody Handed God.

What do you guys think is a model that we sorely need better rules for? It can be an existing model or a model that used to be cool that we just don’t see anymore.

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