FTN Episode 497 – Is Warhammer 40k Balanced Now?

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This Balance Dataslate changes a lot.  Tons of points updated, some keyword changes, some out right new editions to factions and some subtle clarifications.  This update has it all. A couple of factions are untouched…  It wasn’t just about knocking the top off the heap. It seems like we are closer and closer to actual balance and proactively managing the game.

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Daemons and Drukari might be the biggest winners out of all of this but that will remain to be seen over the next few weeks as these changes make their way out to the bigger tournaments.  Daemons will take a knock back from just being allies but might see play as a single faction again as a TON of their units see point reductions.

Custodes undoubtedly took too much of a hit after their success after the edition drop.  Now.. maybe they come back.  Point alignments in a pretty big way with this faction.

Marines… its tough when Marines are good.  Sometimes they are too good and with the sheer variety of units it seems clear that the game would like there to be fewer ‘easy choices’ and a good way to change that efficiency score is to mess with points. Marine lists will change and we might see those multiple Gladiator lists start to creep up to replace what’s out there now per-dataslate.

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