FTN Episode 238 – Harlequin Codex Review – Fast and Deadly

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You guys know I love Harlequins.  This army sees big point reductions and some major changes to their weapons.  This a complete book with new Psychic Powers, Warlord Traits and Relics.

Hey all,

Please try to make it to the Louisville Slugga on June 9th and 10th.  This will be an ITC Grand Tournament. Lots of ITC points to get for you and your 40k club.

I am really excited to talk about the Harlequins.  They were my first 40k army way back in the early days of the game.  The army, as a stand alone force, has had it’s up and downs but it is back!

For starters much of this army sees point reductions which are always a good thing.  The basic Troupe Player drops a couple of points and their wargear does too.  The Death Jester dropped a TON of points.  He is still a little clunky to use but if you consider him a ‘combo’ piece I think he has a ton of functionality.  They have an ability that lets YOU pick the first model removed when an enemy unit fails a Morale test.  It’s a good way to get rid of banners, instruments, heavy/special weapons and sergeants.

Another huge change is that a lot of their vehicle mounted weapons have been changed to Assault instead of Heavy.  Hoooooooo Yeah!   No neg one to hit on the move.  The whole army is fast and now you get to use that speed in games without compromising anything else.

The Hobby Segment will be back next week!

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