FTN Episode 417 – Genestealer Cult First Impressions – Are You Ready To Join?

We’re joined by special guest Dustin Henshaw on this episode knowing that he is a Genestealer Cult enthusiast.  He’s got a handle of the ins and outs of this book … Read More

FTN Eposide 416 – Adeptus Codexes NEW Codex First Looks!

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FTN Episode 415 – Happy 2022! Cheers to the Listeners

thfdssdfsfsf First new show of the year!  Tanya, Adam, Red and Paul talk about crazy 40k lore theories while we ponder what the new Seasons previews from Games Workshop actually … Read More

FTN Episode 411 – Talons of the Emperor Are Going to be Sharp!

Come join Paul this weekend on Warhammer TV!  This show is going up early and we should be back to normal next week.  This week we are talking about the … Read More

FTN Episode 410 – Drukhari Can’t Be Stopped – Or Can They?

Very sorry about missing the release last week but Paul was in Austin doing some commentary on the Games Workshop US Open Series. On this episode we talk a little … Read More

FTN Episode 406 – Can Octarius Save Cadia? Big Guns Never Tire

Octarius absolutely gives some units a new lease on life – including Fortifications.  I’ll be honest.. it’s hard for me to put Buildings in a list but wow, I may … Read More

FTN Episode 405 – Will Black Templars Make an Impact? Can They Beat Ad Mech?

We’re talking about Black Templars this week.  Adam is a long time Black Templar player and we’re anxious to get his thoughts.  He’s a little critical of the book and … Read More

FTN 402 – Culture Club Part 2 – Consequences of Choice!

Red is back for part two of our Culture Crafting discussion.  I know so few of us actually end up running events but I do think it’s worth talking about … Read More