FTN Episode 239 – Are Harlequins Competitive? Yes!

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We dig deeper into the Harlequin codex this episode and ask the question… Is this book competitive?  The short answer is yes but we do our best to explain why we think that.  More importantly we also give some thoughts on how to field a Harlequin detachment.

Hey guys,

Please try to make it to the Louisville Slugga on June 9th and 10th. This will be an ITC Grand Tournament. Lots of ITC points to get for you and your 40k club.

We get into the ‘hows and whys’ of fielding Harlequins and discuss the reasons you might consider taking a Troupe squad over an Outrider group of Skyweavers.  Like we said in the last show, this army is FAST.

If you are looking to field ‘space elves’ it would be hard to go with a mono army of harlequins but I am not sure the army is designed with that in mind anyway.  Things in this army make GREAT support elements.  There are also some amazing objective grabbing units as well.  If you need to be everywhere on the table and ‘hoard’ armies aren’t your style then you might want to check out this book.

We talk a lot about the Webway Portal and what ‘we’ think the best use of it is.   We’re looking to hear your thoughts.  Thanks to the folks who wrote in last week to give us their opinion on the subject.

We talk about hobby tutorials in this hobby section.  Paul wraps up the 2000 points of Necrons he’s been painting.. Now on to some Harlequins!

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