FTN Episode 265 – Are Points Enough To Change The Meta?

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Are point changes enough to make your army better?  It looks like generals on every table will have a few extra points to play with so if every army gets better is anyone really better off than they were before Chapter Approved?  Yes..

Hey all,

We open up talking about the Vigilus Campaign book and the formations within.  People are rightly concerned about the introduction of Formations into the game.  They were a big sore spot for players in the previous edition.  The designers seem to have it ‘right’ this time.  You get some cool tricks and access to a new relic or ability but you have to pay for it.    You aren’t forced to build lists a certain way or take ‘tax’ units either.  You get to build what you want and if you want ‘more’ rules for it you’ve got to spend Command Points.

I think this an extremely successful approach to Formations.  As long as the Stratagems remain appropriately costed no one has anything to worry about.

After the hobby segment we talk about several factions that maybe bubble up to the top after the Chapter Approved point changes – Death Guard, Tau, Daemons and Astra Militarum.

These guys see some point changes where it really counts.  Still, winning isn’t just about the points, its how you use them.

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The Finishing Moves segment is about keeping your head on straight when trying to do a lot of models at once.  It’s also about creating areas of interest on large metallic components of your miniatures.

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