FTN 402 – Culture Club Part 2 – Consequences of Choice!

Red is back for part two of our Culture Crafting discussion.  I know so few of us actually end up running events but I do think it’s worth talking about … Read More

FTN Episode 399 – Warhammer+ and Thousand Sons Army Lists – Are they Good?

This week we had the fist opportunity to subscribe to Warhammer+ and I jumped in both feet first.  In this episode we also chat about a 1k Sons army list … Read More

FTN Episode 391 – MSU vs Horde – What is a better in 9th?

It looks like we may see a shift in this edition that allows for larger units of base troops.   We discuss the virtues or min squads vs max squads and … Read More

FTN Episode 378 – Will Codex Drukhari Change The Game? Codex Review Part 2

We dive deeper into Codex Drukhar this week exploring many of the changes and new things possible from the new codex.  There is a lot that’s different.  Squad sizer requirements … Read More

FTN Episode 364 – Should You Sub to the Official Warhammer App?

We kick off this show  talking about the major quality of life updates/improvements to the Warhammer 40,000 app recently.  Some of us don’t have it yet and we discuss both … Read More

FTN Episode 356 – Interview With Games Workshop and the Future of Events

Mike Brandt from Games Workshop joins me this week to talk about the current and future state of official AND independent events.  Obviously with the way the world is right … Read More

FTN Episode 348 – Shadow Iron and Broken Realms Preview Predictions and Reactions

The first part of the show we lay down our predictions and wish lists about the preview GW released today.  The second part of the show is recorded directly after … Read More

FTN Episode 343 – New 40k Points review and Special Segment With Duncan Rhodes

This is another double sized episode!  We open the show with a segment about the sweeping point increases in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition.  In the middle of the show we’re … Read More

FTN Episode 329 – Games Workshop Studio Preview 3 Reaction – Wow

We waited to record this week until after the studio preview.  Sorry for the late upload!  In this episode we give our reactions to the announcements and the lovely new … Read More

FTN Episode 314 – Decade Wrap Up – What Were The Best Models?

Last show of the year.. Last show of the decade!  We spend the first half of the show talking about the amazing models we’ve seen over the last few years.  … Read More