FTN Episode 157 – Another Codex Doing it Better than Chaos

FTN small squareEpisode 157 is here and basically on time!!   It is nice to be back on track.

Hey everyone,

In the first segment we remind everyone we have some shirts for sale on the website.  We also give a quick mention to our friends over at Mindworm games.  Their skirmish/rpg style table top game is just about ready to go.  The rules are up for free over on their site.

Deathwatch is still on our minds.  The unit entries for this give flexibility that we haven’t seen since back in the 3.5 edition Chaos Marine dex.  We even sort of compare the Black Shields to an old school CSM champ.  You spend a lot of points on him but you expect him to get some work done.

It is interesting to point out that the Black Shield is NOT the unit champ.  Before you add anyone else to the unit you still have to characters that can help you manipulate the challenge mechanic to make sure that your BS can wreck face.  The two sword configuration looks cool but I think the Hammer is where it’s at.

Taking single model units that can actually make an impact on the game can be annoying for your opponent and this can be done in all the major squads in the book – Vanguard Vets, Terminators, Bike Squads, etc..    Going back to the original point – you can take weapons that actually matter on these dudes too.    If you take a formation that allows you to combine all these units into one – they get to share their unit abilities like Split Fire and Fearless..   That doesn’t suck.

I’m hot on the Corvus Blackstar.  For 5 points you get to take a piece of wargear that allows you to re-roll cover if you’re jinking.  FIVE POINTS?!     Have you guys unlocked any super combos yet?   I really like being able to take as many Librarians as I want.  It seems like these guys will pair very well with Marines, Inquis and other Imperial armies as an ally force.

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