FTN Episode 245 – NEW Kill Team Review and 40k ATC WWK Recap

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Kill Team is live right now for pre-order.  We’re really happy to report this game has been re-designed from the ground up.  It very much feels like the 40k we know and love but the cadence of the game is much different.  You are able to enjoy the universe and your models in a totally different way.  We love it!

Hi everyone,

In the first part of the show we review the new Kill Team game from Games Workshop.  This is not a ’40k supplement’ this is a completely  different game.  It has the same grim-dark feel from 40k and you’re going to use a lot of your existing models but you are going to get a completely different experience from them.

To us this is really refreshing.  Everyone on the show likes to have a few ‘pet projects’ going at once and Kill Team is a perfect opportunity to put together and paint a handful of models.  Is there a faction you’re curious about?  Welp.. Build a kill team.  You might find out you’re better at painting those colors than you think.

The stats of the weapons and the models are very similar to what you know from Warhammer 40,000.  I mention this to show that the learning curve to the game is very approachable.  If you have even the basic understanding of how a faction works you’re over half way to learning Kill Team.

The game has a different ‘phase structure’ that will take a little getting used to but it goes a long way to capture the small scale of the game and further puts the emphasis on the individual models.  I like it.  This sort of makes me want to spend even more time on the individuality of my models while I am building them and in the hobby part of experience.

The back half of the show Paul talks about his gaming club’s record and experience at the ATC.  Please check out and follow the Wrong Way Kids if you’re interested in following along for future tournaments.

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