FTN Episode 297 – NOVA Predictions and Preview Reactions

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The NOVA Open is an amazing convention run by some great friends of the show.  Jim Vesal joins Paul to give his predictions for the NOVA open singles and invitational tournament.  Some of the top players in the world will be gathered and it’s anyone’s game.  We then react to the Games Workshop previews and close out the show talking about ‘how’ to have an army list discussion

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After a brief introduction to the show Paul and Jim jump right into the mix predicting what will reign at the NOVA Open.  It will be interesting to see how close we become when it’s all said and done.  The mission format is a bit different than ITC missions the differences are subtle enough that people may bring a list they’ve been used to rather than something specifically for the format.

Those that are able to really thread the needle on the format differences may have a significant advantage.  The Win/Loss format is very unforgiving.

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Welcome to the Black Parade…   I’m talking about that new Shrike model, ha.  I love it.   We talk about that and the rest of the reveals from the Games Workshop preview.   Those in attendance were gifted a Cannones from the new line and it all looks AMAZING.

The Wrong Way Kids will be putting on their first official public event later this year the Armageddon Series: Coastal Assault. Tickets are up for sale right now. Please join us. You will have a good time. It will be a full ITC format event and an excellent opportunity to get ITC overall and faction points.

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We round out the show having a discussion about ‘how’ to discuss army lists with your friends.  Its a neat observation on how we interact with each other to help build the best army list possible but it’s also an exercise in how to collaborate with each other.

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