FTN Episode 321 – The New ITC Tournament Missions and You

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Archon Skari and Red Powell sit down with Paul to discuss the recent changes to the ITC Tournament Mission format.  These guys are know for their success unconventional lists so it is great to hear their thoughts  and get a little early insight to how they may attack the format.  Strap in!

Hi guys,

Huge changes have been made to the ITC Champions Mission format in a direct answer to some of the perceived problems in the tournament meta.  We mention this in the show but the change seem to be focused on creating more interaction on the tabletop while also creating less ‘gotcha’ moments in the early game.

Seize the Initiative has been a divisive rule from the start but it is inherently a core rule of the time.  These missions look to remove that.  The largest group of players will likely not feel strongly enough to object to this – and I honestly don’t know anyone who is overly enthusiastic about this rule being in the game UNLESS it benefits them in an unfavorable deployment or match up.

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The missions alter the opening of the game to be a lot more predictable.  A savvy general should be able to come up with a strategy to accommodate going first or second and the missions seem to further assist with this. The Missions

Personally – I don’t prefer to play defensively to the point of being somewhat careless with my deployment sometimes.  I believe the changes to the missions in the form of early game set up and execution to the inclusion of additional Secondary Objectives may help me ‘get out of my own way’ more often.

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