FTN Episode 149 – The Marine FAQ Strikes Back

Episode 149 is here, download it now! Tournament and Hobby talk all in the same place. Say it ain’t so!


You know my Imperium Strikes Back hard.  The Super Friends are dead.. long live the Super Friends.

GW isn’t pulling any punches with their FAQ release schedule and it is great.  Very few of us expected an FAQ release for a major codex so soon but we’ve got and there are some major changes.

The statement, or implication, that the Chapter Rules for Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves, and Grey Knights cause a conflict with Space Marine Chapter Tactics is something I think we all knew should be the case but not how it was commonly excepted for play.  The FAQ changes that under no uncertain terms.   Is that what the game needs? I don’t know.

The Imperial Codex Soup is a bit too liberal when compared to other factions so maybe reigning it in a bit is a good thing.   I know a lot of people are tired of seeing chapter masters, Samael and Iron Priest hanging out together.  We argue a bit about the true effect of this change on the show and run down a few other stand out points.

Drop Pods…  Sort of like magnets now, they are a total mystery.  How do they work?  I am not sure anyone knows.  The closest we came to figuring it out is that they must be fired with the doors wide open from orbit to then fling the marines a solid 11 inches out of their harnesses creating 22 inch or more objective secure bubble.   Whao…  Is this the intent or is this just a case of Rules as Written and True Line of Sight and worrying about the actual model’s physical profile creating a perfect storm of biting us in the behind?!

Please give the show a listen and let us know what you think.  Thank you.

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