FTN Episode 280 – Can You Win With The Worst?

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We’re talking about Grey Knights this week. Recently they climbed a slot to be the second worst performing faction in the game right now, just above Blood Angels.  Is it possible to win with these guys?  Is it you or the Army List?

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Ricky is back this week to join Chris and I in the first part of the show. We’re then joined in part two by Skari from the Skaredcast.  We’re talking about Grey Knights… they were once a dominant faction but have now been relegated to the bottom tables.  Is it is the codex or the players?

The codex lacks a lot of synergy and power.. they definitely lost the Stratagem/Chapter Tactic lottery.   Still.. There is life in this book and hope for Grey Knight players.    We stat away from wishlisting or complaining about the codex and instead stick to ‘what we would take’ if we plan to win more than we lose.

You can’t afford to take a lot fat in your list and your troops are too expensive to pack in an excess of Command Points.  That seems to just fine though… The Stratagems you want to use are inexpensive and matter most at the start of the game when you have the most to burn anyway.

Start with Grand Master Dreadknights and three Strike Squads.

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