FTN Episode 380 – What Is the State Of 40k 9th Edition? – Who Is Getting Games In?

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We have fun with this episode and talk very generally about the state of 40k in this edition.  We can’t wait until it’s safer to get out to events again and we spend a little time discussing what changed from 8th that we like the most.  We also talk that even with fewer games being played the meta is still shifting.

Hey folks,

There is a point in the show where I completely forgot I used a squad of terminators in 4th Edition for Blood Angels.   Other than that brief occurrence of 3 Thunder Hammers and 2 Lightning claws Terminators haven’t been the same since 2nd edition.   Ohh my has that changed.  Its so cool that even in the world of Primaris Marines that Terminators look like they are here to stay.

We discuss the ‘state of play’ with 40k in this edition and wax on a bit about the things we like the most and what stands out to us about the ways we’ve had to adapt our thought process to account for the biggest changes.

This leads us to a cool conversation about Secondary Objectives and how they are being introduced in Codexes and Supplement books. When these first hit the scene there was a brief outcry to disallow these things from matched play events.  I’m so thankful this hasn’t taken hold.

I believe these things are going to help players feel like they have a fighting chance when they roll up to any and all tables.  That isn’t something you can say from all missions in previous editions.

Games Workshop is seemingly no longer turning a ‘blind eye’ to competitive plat.  Honestly I don’t think they ever did.  I think the rules sets are getting a little tighter and we are getting closer to having a – dare I sat it – Balanced Game.

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In the Finishing Moves segment we talk about a quick and easy way to get nice yellows for small applications on your models.  Tanya comes in with a massive tip to use washes/inks as your thinning agent – mind… blown…

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