FTN Episode 460 – Is Astra Militarum Boom or Bust?

A large part of this show is about Lord Solar Leontus.  We believe he will be in a lot of lists and if you aren’t taking him you really need … Read More

FTN Episode 459 – Grand Narrative Lead Up AND Wrap Up – Was it Awesome?

Very sorry for the double episode in one download.  I hope it doesn’t mess up your data plan.  Last week was so jammed up with 40k goodness this had a … Read More

FTN Episode 458 – Astra Militarum Codex First Looks – Wow! Big Guns Never Tire

There is no easy way to put this – you’ve been conscripted into the Guard, Soldier.  This book changes a LOT about what we knew before but still manages to … Read More

FTN Episode 457 – The Heresy is Turning Gold – and BLOOD ANGELS TAKE KANSAS CITY!

The Libre Imperium is up for pre-order this week for the Horus Heresy game world.   This book adds 4 new playable factions back to the game for this edition.  The … Read More