FTN Episode 147 – Is Games Workshop Giving Us 40k 7.5 For Free?

Episode 147 is here, download it now! Tournament and Hobby talk all in the same place. Say it ain’t so!

Yo Guys,

We have some very special guests this week from Frontline Gaming.  Reece and Frankie get down and dirty with us to go over a few contentious points in the new GW draft FAQ.  These guys are some of the best in the scene and we really appreciate them taking some time out to come on our show.

Personally I think this FAQ is draft in name only and that, to me, it is very clear that GW intends to change a few things about the game that will RADICALLY alter how certain armies play.  This FAQ changes enough about the game that it is almost a whole new edition. Warhammer 40k 7.5, maybe?.  Is that a real thing? No… but it feels like it, without having to go through a full on edition change and we’re getting these game enhancements for free, sort of..

That’s a good thing.  The content GW has been putting out is freaking amazing. This is a real renaissance for the company and us as gamers/customers.  The GW FAQ is awesome and it directly points to Games Workshop wanting to have an open dialogue and relationship with their customer base again.  As a long time fan this makes me incredibly happy.  The points we are critical about in the show are just that… points we thought needed more discussion.   GW, through their Facebook page, is currently soliciting the community’s feedback and we thought discussing things like this on the show may help frame some of those feedback exchanges in a positive way.

Also!  The Frontline folks dropped some amazing Warmarchine information on us during the show.  The are now making officially licensed mats for Warmahordes.  We give a little good natured ribbing to Warmachine during the discussion but this announcement is GREAT!   Please check out a few of the new designs below.

warmahordes blue mat warmahordes fixed FB AD warmahordes mat 3 warmahordes slider2 warmahordes yellow warmahordes mat

This episode is jam packed… so packed its almost 30 mins longer than I regular shows.  We take a few minutes during the middle to speak with the organizers from Battle Haven – a gaming retreat in scenic Utah.

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