FTN Episode 277 – New 40k Chaos Unit Review – Vigilus is Ablaze!

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FTN Episode 274 – Welcome to Shilltown – Upcoming Events You Can’t Miss

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FTN Episode 273 – Back to Reality – Imperial Soup is Good

The guys are back from the LVO mostly in one piece.  The Imperials take the crown.  Paul was wrong about Orks and the ‘safe’ Yannari bet didn’t work out either.  … Read More

FTN Episode 271 – Are Funko Pops and Warhammer Adventures Good for 40k?

We spend the first part of the show talking about how we don’t mind – and also like, the idea of Warhammer not always having to be so serious and … Read More

FTN Episode 260 – Ork Warboss Edition – Are You Ready For The Green Tide?

I’m joined by two legendary Warbosses this week, Val Heffelfinger and Marc Parker to talk about how they will be building their Codex Ork Lists.  I try to nail them … Read More

FTN Episode 226 – Adeptus Custodes Part 2 – Tournaments and How to Beat Eldar

We cover a range of topics in this episode.  We revisit the Adeptus Custodes book and cover some of the Relics and Stratagems we didn’t before then we get to … Read More