FTN Episode 356 – Interview With Games Workshop and the Future of Events

Mike Brandt from Games Workshop joins me this week to talk about the current and future state of official AND independent events.  Obviously with the way the world is right … Read More

FTN Episode 354 – Is the New Necron Codex Good? Bonus Orktober Coverage too!

Red takes center stage this episode as we take a serious look at what this week’s new Necron codex brings to this faction.  This is the most compelling the Necrons … Read More

FTN Episode 348 – Shadow Iron and Broken Realms Preview Predictions and Reactions

The first part of the show we lay down our predictions and wish lists about the preview GW released today.  The second part of the show is recorded directly after … Read More

FTN Episode 347 – Will You Survive When Double FAQs Attack?

We address the FAQ and re-FAQ we saw this week from Warhammer 40k.  Adam, Red and Paul make some bold predictions about how we think the game’s action moments will … Read More

FTN Episode 344 – Chaos Space Marines in 9th Edition – How to be a Heretic

TJ Lanigan joins us this week to spit loving bile about Chaos Space Marines.  We speak specifically about Death Guard in the beginning of the show and transition to Thousand … Read More

FTN Episode 275 – HUGE ITC Changes Coming – Points and Missions

Reece Robins from Frontline Gaming and the ITC joins us this week to talk about several massive changes happening for the 2019 ITC season.    This is a great jumping on … Read More

FTN Episode 272 – Las Vegas Open – By The Numbers, What Are The Odds?

In this episode we look at the cold hard facts about what you will see at the Las Vegas Open.  We were fortunate enough to get a peek at the … Read More

FTN Episode 271 – Are Funko Pops and Warhammer Adventures Good for 40k?

We spend the first part of the show talking about how we don’t mind – and also like, the idea of Warhammer not always having to be so serious and … Read More