FTN Episode 249 – Space Wolves Codex Review – Powerful and Fun

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Holy Smokes.  The Space Wolves are here and they are worth the wait.  The Space Wolves are the favorite chapter of many in 40k.  Old and new fans of this faction have a LOT to keep themselves busy with many army list combinations and the opportunity to make almost everything in the Space Marines army range ‘wolfified.’

Hey guys,

The Space Wolves have been known for their ‘not psykers’ in the form of Rune Priests and they take prominent role in this codex.  They have an impressive stratagem that allows them to boost the power of Living Lighting up to 11.  It requires they take 3 Rune Priests.. but that’s not a problem.  You probably want to take them anyway.

All the Space Wolf characters return.  The stand out for us is Arjac Rockfirst.  He is basically a wrecking ball with a ton of wounds (if you make him your warlord).  He’s got an invul save and a hammer that just won’t quit.

The ‘space marine’ bodies in this book are very important.  I think this may be the dex that brings the power armor guys back to the table.  Wolf Scouts are elite choices, for starters, so people trying to splash anything other than a supreme command will need the Wolf Guard or Blood Claw Troop options.

Still.. this isn’t a tax as they have pretty good weapon options and synergy throughout the list with Character buffs, stratagems and more.

We really enjoyed talking about this codex.  If you’ve ever wanted to start a Space Wolves army or have one on the shelf you haven’t played in a while…  You’re in for a treat.  This is a great book.


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