FTN Episode 399 – Warhammer+ and Thousand Sons Army Lists – Are they Good?

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This week we had the fist opportunity to subscribe to Warhammer+ and I jumped in both feet first.  In this episode we also chat about a 1k Sons army list and ponder – will this army make a splash?  The answer is Yes!

Hey all,

Please come check us out this weekend for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation live stream event.  Adam, Tanya and Paul will be jamming 3 hours of non stop enthusiasm as we close out the Summer Raffles and announce a few winners on air.

Warhammer+ is going to hit differently with lots of people but for me I am really digging it.  I think it’s ambitious and will grow over time.  The content is well produced and a great supplement to my hobby feels.  If you have the means and the desire I highly encourage you to go for it – especially if you already had the app.

1k Sons are going to be strong.  This list can shoot pretty well and can be devastating in the Psychic phase.  This is up for debate but I think Rubrics are going to be the way to go over Terminators but am I wrong?

We’re seeing Games Workshop be willing to breath new life and power into these spin off codexes with fewer model options.

On this show we make a case for many units you may not have ever considered like Chaos Spawn and Forge Fiends.  That’s right people, we talk about Forge Fiends.

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This hobby segment is about headlights and how to paint them brought to us by Tanya.  Tanya is a wonderful painter and it’s cool to open the lid on some of her techniques.

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