FTN Episode 398 – Is It Okay To Submarine in Warhammer 40k Tournaments? The Hard Truth

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This is a heavy episode, so be warned….  I say that because we tackle a difficult topic that means different things to different people.  I’m anxious to hear what it means to you folks.  Is deliberately  coming in under what could be your max score fine to do in a Swiss  style pairing system?

Hey all,

I fully expect some blow back from this episode and that’s cool.  We mention it in the show how much of an opportunity to even have this discussion means to the competitive scene as a whole.

Our whole goal is to just inject a few things into the conversation so others may come to their own conclusion.  Ultimately once the dice start getting played and people are going through the motions can you hate the system or the tactic?  We don’t claim to solve this but I am interested in knowing what YOU think.

This is not an attempt to shame anyone in any event in any part of the world.  The systems, or constructs, as they are allow for this type of stuff and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.   As our scene continues to become more mainstream it’s cool to get these things out in the open and for us as a collective group to decide IF we want this to still be the case.

Ultimately it’s a risky move that rarely works out but when it does, does how we feel about it even matter?

We want to encourage more and more people to come out to events when we’re able to do so.  Does this type of thing detract from that?  The answer, like with most things, is ‘it depends.’  Some people will be put off by things like Submarining but others won’t and I think for an even larger group the overall appeal of the events and the unlikeliness that this sort of things will impact them will be an even bigger draw.

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This hobby segment is about just doing it.  Grab your brush, get some paint in the minis and don’t be too hard on yourself.  You are likely your own worst critic and it’s time to get over that.

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