FTN Episode 447 – Chaos Daemons First Look for 9th Edition!

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The Daemons will be different but that’s okay right.. Especially if they get tons of upgrades and army wide Warp abilities to use every turn.  I don’t think any unit gets what you might call a downgrade outside of overall squad size.   Almost everything in this book has some utility that Chaos Daemon Generals might be looking for to give them the claw up on the battlefield.

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The next big 40k event we have coming up in the NOVA Open. You definitely want to check out our coverage in a couple of weeks.  There will be some top 40k play and the smooth stylings of Paul and Nick.

We kick the show off talking about Horus Hersey and specifically the Mechanicum vs World Eaters from a game Paul played over the weekend  The World Eaters had some serious lop sided rolls so the outcome wasn’t totally their fault.  The Mechanicum has some tricks for sure but might struggled due to their lower Init score.

The Daemon players will have to come to grips with the fact their basic troop squad is listed to a squad size of 10 now but that is about the only ‘huge’ downgrade. Everything else in the book is jammed packed with potential and there are some spicy things for every one of the factions.  If you were a fan of a daemon faction before you will still be.

The Warp Storm is basically another set of free Command Point like abilities that effect your entire army based on the faction you use them for.  This will seem absolutely back breaking to opponents on some turns.

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