FTN Episode 451 – Are The Leagues of Votann Public Enemy Number 1?

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It sure seems like folks are legitimately up in arms about the power level of the Leagues of Votann or they are just piling on the internet fury.  We don’t know at this point.  In situations like this I don’t get pulled into the hype but instead look deep into my favorite Codexes and figure out what can I do?

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You can clearly see the Leagues of Votann are going to rocket out of their corner with both fists flying. This codex will be strong.  There is no denying that.  Right now the vocal crowd on the internet think it’s too much.  Is that true?  Has their been enough time between the previews and now for people to start finding things in their Codexes to give them a fighting chance?

That remains to be seen.  Right now folks are using their ‘old standard’ lists to try and combat something totally new.  When in the history of ever has that actually worked?  Not often and you’re more lucky if that’s happened at all.

We talk a little bit about that and some alternative ways to enjoy the game if the ‘Competitive’ side of things is a little exhausting or bad for you right now.  That’s completely valid.  Thankfully there are tons of supported ways of playing this game right now and it’s something we can’t talk about enough.  We all love this hobby.  Its cool to take a step back every now and then and take a deep breath.

Later in the show we talk about getting up and running with a Necromuda campaign and then later than that we close the show out talking with our second favorite Canadian Skari from the SkaredCast.  He is always a pleasure.  He brings some insights on Crusade play to the show.

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