FTN Episode 482 – Making The Most Against Aeldari. Is it Possible?

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We are re back!  All of us can feel that sinking feeling when we line up against Aeldari but never fear.  There is hope!  Terrain, Tactics, Good Luck, Good Draws, it can all help.  The faction is tough but it is far from unbeatable.  We talk about some of the things that’s been working for us.

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We welcome Adam back from commenting on the WTC that recently happened in Europe.  We kick the show off talking about an Astra Militarum list Paul took recently.  The list preformed really well.  It had a Tank Commander with a Demolisher cannon, 2 Wyverns, 2 Manticores, 2 Earth Shaker Carriges, 3 scout sentinels and 3 Hell Hounds.  It sort of seemed weird not taking Lord Mecharius but Ursla was all this list needed to rock the house.

We discuss the finer points of things to consider when forming your anti Aeldari strategy.  We certainly aren’t singling Aeldari players out by any stretch but they are the most winning faction in the field right now and a lot of players are flocking to them if they weren’t players of the faction before.  Aeldari are awesome, I love the faction as well.  Its just a nice opportunity to take a deeper look at what ‘can be done.’

In part 2 we talk about Yncarne management. Wowzers, this model can create quite the problem for some players.

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The Hobby segment is about how to paint Tyranids for folks not experienced with the faction.  Paul went with a Leviathan like scene.  Primed Grey Seer, heavy drybrushed White Scar all over, applied a very thin downed Vulpous Pink to the body, then purple for the hard exoskeleton bits.  For the Claws, Rhinox Hide based, shaded with thin downed Basilicum Grey, highlighted with Doom Bull Brown then a final highlight of Deathclaw Brown.  Deathclaw is what Paul couldn’t think of during the show. Let us know what works for you!  We have some t-shirts a really cool sticker up for sale to celebrate us being nine years deep into this show. Check them out here.

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