FTN Episode 283 – The Lion the Witch and the Ynarri Changes

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We kick the show off talking about the Ynnari changes in this month’s White Dwarf.  This another great issue with tons of painting and hobby articles.  It also has a full index re-write for Ynarri.  This changes are significant.  It radically changes how this faction will be played.  Later in the show we talk about Dark Angels!

Hey guys

Ynarri get a massive overhaul this month.  It might not be exactly clear when we’re talking about it but when you create your detachment you can choose to declare it a Ynarri detachment.  This doesn’t ‘replace’ the faction key world but it does lock you out from being about to use the various other space elf Stratagems etc.    I apologize if that isn’t clear in our audio message as we may have not specifically covered this nuance after we kicked off the recording.

Strength from Death becomes strictly melee based and no longer gives the benefit of ‘double actions.’  This will be a MUCH welcomed change for Ynarri opponents.  This cuts down on the current builds offensive power immensely.   Dark Reapers and Shining Spears will still be good, just not OP – Maybe.

In the second part of the show we let Ricky go off about Dark Angels.  Strangely enough he’s the number 3 Dark Angel player in the world at the time of recording in the ITC. Who knew?  The Secret is out.

He talks about what’s working for him in his lists but we’d love to hear from you about what you’re taking with this faction if you’re going for a Single Faction List.  We’ll continue to do the faction focuses so if there are ANY armies out there that you’re doing well with and not choosing to dip into allies please let us know.

The Wrong Way Kids will be putting on their first official public event later this year the Armageddon Series: Coastal Assault. Tickets are up for sale right now. Please join us. You will have a good time. It will be a full ITC format event and an excellent opportunity to get ITC overall and faction points.

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