Forging a Narrative – Tony Pierce’s Blood Angels

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Captain Morgan here with the first in a new set of articles we are starting to showcase some of the awesome things that you guys have shared with us.


The First in a New Series


Over here at FTN, some of the greatest enjoyment that we get from what we do on the show is the interaction with our listeners. Often that means that we get some awesome competitive lists sent in, some excellent examples of the high-level hobby skill, and a lot of cool stories about games played, and-of course- inspired army themes. With the plethora of cool stuff we see, it seems a shame to keep it to ourselves. Therefore, we are starting a new article series called Forging a Narrative where we show off some of the awesome stuff that you guys take the time to share with us.  With that in mind, lets get on with our first featured fan submission!


Tony Pierce’s Blood Angels


You guys all know I’m a sucker for Blood Angels armies, but in this case I thought it would be cool to show off some of the stuff that Tony Pierce sent us about his particular BA force. Here’s the story of his hobby experience and how he gets the most out of this game:

The picture that inspired an army
The picture that inspired an army

“I started 40K a couple of years ago before the newer BA Codex dropped and, as I have limited time and resources, will only ever play the one army. As you know BA have been riding the struggle bus ever since Decurions became a thing so I’ve been trying out different lists ever since just trying to make some magic happen…


…Well last Christmas a good friend of mine drew me as a Blood Angel so I of course had to make the model, and then build a list around it. Since most of the games I play tend to be at 2000 points I have been playing and adjusting the following list for the past year or so with some decent success:
Antonius in the flesh... or plastic
Antonius in the flesh… or plastic
Captain Antonius Strike Force (Baal Strike Force): 2000 points
Captain – Artificer Armor, Plasma Pistol, Valour’s Edge, Jump Pack
Sanguinary Priest – Jump pack, chainsword
Death Company Dread – Blood Talons, Meltagun, Heavy Flamer, Lucius Drop Pod
Death Company Squad (X5) – Power fist, power sword, bolt pistols, boltgun, Razorback w/ assault cannon
Furioso Dread – Frag cannon, heavy flamer, drop pod
Sanguinary Guard (X5) – Chapter banner, 3 swords, two axes
Scouts (X5) – bolt pistols, combat blades
Tac Squad (X10) – Heavy Flamer, Grav-gun, Sgt w/ 2 Grav pistols, Rhino
Assault Squad (X10) – 2 melta guns, Sgt w/ 2 Inferno pistols, melta bombs, drop pod
Baal Predator – Assault cannon, heavy bolters
Sicaran Battle Tank – Armoured Ceramtie, lascannons
Vindicator – Overcharged Engines, Siege shield
So that is the list. It’s probably the fluffiest list I’ve ever run and actually does fairly well against everything except Tau, Eldar, and Necrons. I can change the Tac Squad weaponry to whatever I want and re-allocate points as necessary; sometimes running flamers and power fist or what have you.”

Forging the Narrative


A big thank you to Tony for sharing this with us. What I love about this is both the passion and the story behind his army creation. Creating a custom character based on a piece of art that puts YOU right into your hobby is the kind of creative gold that makes the game more awesome to play. Everything about his army list feels like a Blood Angels army, and I love the addition of the Sicaran Battle Tank, which is a perfectly appropriate, aggressive addition to any Blood Angels army (one that I often use myself). We’re happy to see the ways you’re getting the most out of your hobby.





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