Who said Orks are dead?! They just won a tournament for crying out loud!

As we Discussed on the show this list is really cool and has a lot of top end potential. But, it requires some essential tweeks. The archetype of the list is predicated on flooding the field with trukks and boys that have big mobility and the capacity to survive a turn or 2 of shooting before getting into combat. It is exceptionally difficult for your opponent to open the Trukks and then kill 60+ orks without them getting into combat.

With that in mind, we need to trim out the non-essentials. For me, this is the Mega Nobz and Storm Boys. We all love those models, and moving 4d6 plus 12″ is friggin sweet. But if we’re gonna make this list tick at a high level, we gotta trim that stuff out. Mega Nobz are frustratingly easy to kill and the Storm Boys don’t have the punch to legitimate their cost.

Just as much as needing to trim out what doesn’t fit, we need to identify and maximize what does work. For me that the Nob Bikerz. As we discussed on the show, by upping the bikerz and putting the IC’s into a unit, you’d get a durable CC unit with great mobility. It’s the perfect complement to the mass of Trukks.
Of which speaking, more trukks is the name of the game, and boarding planks is how you win it.So without further adieu, the list edits I would implement, and what we brushed over on the show breaks down like this: