FTN Episode 260 – Ork Warboss Edition – Are You Ready For The Green Tide?

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I’m joined by two legendary Warbosses this week, Val Heffelfinger and Marc Parker to talk about how they will be building their Codex Ork Lists.  I try to nail them down on Choppa vs Shoota and try to convince them that Shokk Attack Guns are great..  They get me back on the right track.

Hi Guys

Please get your pre-orders in for the new Ork stuff (and whatever else you’re building) from our Sponsor links below.   You’re going to want to beat the Gretchin rush.  60 of these little guys will be your new best friends.  Lootas seem like they’re coming back too.

We get into the finer points of building a list with the new codex this week and I like what the Warbosses have come up with.  You’re gonna new boyz, you’re gonna need grots and you’re gonna need to get across the table.

Thankfully the Codex helps you do that and gives you cheap and orky ways to keep your figures alive.  We hammer this a lot in the show but the Orks with ABSOLUTELY have an impact on the tournament meta.  Index Orks were pretty good too.  This means even the casual players are going to get a massive power bump.  The Orks could end up being the terrors of the kitchen table.

When I say ‘impact on the meta’ I mean that the ynnari lists will need to change.  For instance the list I took with heavy flyers this past weekend would quake in it’s boots facing off against orks.  The Shining Spears, from other lists, wouldn’t be able to dent the ork list because there aren’t enough ‘high value targets.’  Everything is cheap, everything is killy. The Green Tide is going to be a serious issue.

The Mob Up, Grot Shields and the Force Field Projekta Stratagems are going to insulate the Orks from loosing a lot of kill points in the early game.  This is precisely what they need to do to make it across the board and tear heads off.  Get ready!

In the middle of the show we talk to the fine folks from the Alliance Open Grand Tournament going on next weekend!

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The Finishing Moves segment will be back next week!  We’ll talk about how to fail with style.

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