FTN Episode 312 – Fear the Tyranids – The Big Bugs are Back

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Chapter Approved 2019 has given us a lot to think about.  In this show we tackle two more super factions – the Tyranids and the Aeldari. Between Blood of Baal and Chapter Approved there are a ton more options to put on the table.

Hi guys,

We talk a lot about Exocrines in this episode.  To us these will be the break out unit for the Tyranids again.  These things saw some play early in 8th but there is a new 1 CP strat that allows them to fire as as if they were stationary even if they moved.  This is HUGE – almost as big as the Exocrine itself.

We weave in a little insidious talk about the Genestealer Cults as well.  This faction seems largely unaffected by the changes in Chapter Approved.  The Aberrants got a little bit of a point increase but it seems like the rest of the faction is rocking and rolling as normal.  The GSC is not an easy list to play and required a TON of models so its nice to see that the people who committed to that get to continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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We give a high level pass to the Aeldari super faction too.  There are some neat tricks you can pull off with the Warlock Conclaves that become a little more attractive with point decreases and a few tricks possibly slipping in from the first Psychic Awakening.

Is this enough to get the Warlock or Seer Councils back on the table?  I’m not sure – some changes to the Legends Banshee Mask for Autarchs may put a damper on Jet Bike army strategies but time will tell.  I know I’ll be building some lists soon.

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This is an extra long show and we didn’t have time for a hobby segment. It will be back next week!

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