FTN Episode 343 – New 40k Points review and Special Segment With Duncan Rhodes

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This is another double sized episode!  We open the show with a segment about the sweeping point increases in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition.  In the middle of the show we’re joined by mini painting rock star Duncan Rhodes before coming back with the regular gang to continue our thoughts on the new state of 40k.

Hey folks,

Some big point changes are coming down the pipe for every faction.  EVERY FACTION!  There is a clear move by the designers to slim the game down a bit.  It’s interesting. We could have just said ‘we all play 1750 now’ but that seems to be less well received than keeping everyone’s idea that we seem to like saying 2000 points.  2000 points won’t buy you as much right now.

I expect this to change over time.  We might not remember that far back but this is very much like Index 40k from the start of 8th edition.  Outside of a few outliers that were changed with the early Erratas, like the rule of 3, the game was fairly balanced.  Now the cycle begins anew.  We all secretly hope we’re the first to benefit from Codex Creep, ha!

In the middle of the show we are joined by the amazing Duncan Rhodes.  He gives us some insight on what he and Rodger have been up to the last few months.  It’s an absolute pleasure to speak with him.  He’s a phenomenal painter and ambassador for this hobby.  It’s cool to be able to see him stretch his legs and go where his hobby inspiration takes him.

We come back with Adam, Red and Paul to continue our grind through the points.

We don’t cover everything but we talk about a few things important to us.  I’m pretty excited to try a few big mini BA games where I push around a few 8 man Sanguinary Guard squads backed up by super characters and Dreadnoughts.

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