FTN Episode 363 – Will Death Guard Make a Nasty Splash?

FTN small squareDeath Guard have  been delayed, as we all know, but there are plenty of things to talk about.  We talk about the Disgustingly Resilient change and leads us to some feedback from Adam.   Later in the episode we talk about keeping our skills sharp while not being able to play as many games.

Hey folks,

Disgustingly Resilient has been a Death Guard staple for a while now.  Is the change from what we knew as a Feel No Pain to damage reduction an actual nerf?  In some ways yes, it is.  You don’t get the ability to ignore Mortal Wounds any more.  In other ways it absolutely isn’t.  You’re going to be able to shrug off a lot of what people are packing these days to deal with the presence of Space Marines.

When the tournament meta develops d2 weapons will be everywhere.  Death Guard don’t care about them at all as that means you’ll need double the shots to make up for this DR change.

Still, this tee’d up a pretty spot on bit of feedback from Adam C on the show.  Does the reduction in feel no pain across the game give too much of an advantage to the armies that still have it?

The truth is we don’t know how prevalent in the game it will be since we know we have plenty of additional codexes to see as this edition develops.

As long as it exists for the ‘mega factions’ in the game where appropriate maybe it will balance itself out?  I’m hopeful.  Orks and Tyranids need a LOT of help this edition and I hope they get it.

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For anyone who has read this far down we’ve recorded the first video with myself and Oscar Lars where we review a listener submitted model. It should be produced and ready to go mid November. Please keep checking back and if you have a model you’d like us to review for how it would stack up vs the Battle Ready standard and the Artists Standard, hit us up in a private message with a pic. This is coming soon- I promise!

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