FTN Episode 455 – Did The Balance Dataslate Help Your Game?

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The Balance Dataslate has a few people shaking their heads and expecting more.  Is that justified?  Is the game in such a good spot right now that dramatic updates aren’t needed?  Should the codexes routinely holding down the bottom spots at events be getting more attention and better buffs?  We talk about it.

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The Balance  Dataslate has a lot of players feeling like it let them down.  Maybe the routine updates the game is getting is setting some unrealistic expectations. Should we be wanting our armies to go through quarterly revisions?  It’s like sometimes we forget that we have to hobby around and towards these changes.

With that said it is fair for players to think these slates are coming from a place that sees and hears their concerns.  This one doesn’t seem like it fits that bill for them.  I argue on the show that the game is in such a good place that these little nudges might be all the game ‘really’ needs or wants to keep healthy.  I can tell you without a doubt that what people are bringing to events right now is extremely diverse at the moment.  We have increasingly higher numbers of factions you didn’t see anywhere near podiums six months ago.

That is just one stat though… the designers keeping this game as exciting as we want it to be are looking at multiple things like win rate, feedback, attendance and likely a host of other things.

Adam mentions that we’ll look back on this time as some of the best of this edition and I kinda feel like a lot of players feel that way too as record setting attendance is happening all over the world.

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