FTN Episode 366 – What Was Your Favorite Model of 2020?

Please mark your calendars to join us for the Las Vegas nOpen Jan 29th-31st.  We’ll be holding a virtual event with live coverage all weekend.  Please check out the links … Read More

FTN Episode 364 – Should You Sub to the Official Warhammer App?

We kick off this show  talking about the major quality of life updates/improvements to the Warhammer 40,000 app recently.  Some of us don’t have it yet and we discuss both … Read More

FTN Episode 360 – From the North The Space Wolves Come Forth

Space Wolves are back in a big way.  If this is any indication of the future of Marine supplements I am very hopeful for the BA, DA and the rest.   … Read More

FTN Episode 355 – How Many Squig Types Can You Name? They’re All Cuties

We do a little better job with our Orktober coverage this week and kick off the show with a few facts about Squigs.  These are from the early days of … Read More

FTN Episode 318 – LVO 2020 Recap – Stats Centre Invasion

Please join us for a very special episode where Paul and Adam are joined by Peter the Falcon from 40k Stats.com.  We run down our LVO 2020 coverage and talk … Read More

FTN Episode 313 – Send in the Clowns and Big Ups to the 40k Community

Adam and Paul put in a two hander here.  The first part of the show is basically a big arms hug to the great state of the current Warhammer 40k … Read More