FTN Episode 458 – Astra Militarum Codex First Looks – Wow! Big Guns Never Tire

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There is no easy way to put this – you’ve been conscripted into the Guard, Soldier.  This book changes a LOT about what we knew before but still manages to stay familiar.  We might see a different look, visually, to what we’ve seen on tables past but some generals might not like mixing up Regiments.  The book is modernized and brings power to the faction.

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Games Workshop is not afraid to mix things up when it comes to core factions.  I’m still trying to process it a bit but I do like the idea of being able to choose to mix in some different visual themes on the tabletop and that be ‘ok.’

Units in the book received a much needed power adjustment to bring it into modern standards.  We highlight a couple of core things about the Blast rule later in the show too.  What does this keyword actually bring to the AM now?  Is it a liability? Are you paying points for it or is it just something thematically tossed on to the weapons that look blasty?  How generals rationalize this will be something to examine as players get reps in with the book.

There are big changes to the Psychic Powers and these seem cool. I can see a lot of lists packing in a psycher now or at least taking a really spicy relic that might help protect against the opponents scoring secondary points.

The epic Rogal Dorn tank is good, really good.  There are ways to make it and the Super Heavy tanks an Officer.  I’m not sure if this just sounds good or if it will really be a force multiplier.  These vehicles already have giant targets on their backs.  Is investing more points into them the thing to do?  I hope so…

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