FTN Episode 460 – Is Astra Militarum Boom or Bust?

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A large part of this show is about Lord Solar Leontus.  We believe he will be in a lot of lists and if you aren’t taking him you really need to ask yourself why.  There are lots of other compelling options in the book but it starts with this guy.

Hey folks,

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We still don’t know when the new Astra Militarum Codex will be out in the wild and available to everyone OR when the hot new models will hit the shelves.  Doesn’t stop us from talking about it…    We are all Guard players on the show.

Lord Solar and Rough Riders are getting a lot of press right now and rightly so.  They are heavy hitting impact pieces that are sure to flood the tables once folks have the opportunity to buy them.  Who knew the IG had so many horses?

With 5-600 points wrapped up in cavalry you will still have a ton of points left over for tanks.  I haven’t gone too deep down the rabbit hole creating a list yet because since we don’t know release dates and don’t have an FAQ yet (although I don’t think the book lends itself to any big changes). I’m sort of still in the ‘drool’ phase looking at all the new units and options.  Trying to figure out how I’m going to convert everything to look like it’s Catachan.

Once again I want to apologize for getting the show out late.  The convention schedule really threw me off.  Pax Unplugged was a blast!  I hope I get the opportunity to go again next year.

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